Who/What Are You Celebrating Today?

Please vote Today!

Happy Tuesday! Who/what are you celebrating today? I voted! That is worth celebrating!
It is #AllSoulsDay which commemorates the souls of deceased Christians. It developed out of All Saints' Day, and is associated with that holiday and Halloween. There are a variation of beliefs and practices observed among different churches on the day.
It is #PracticeBeingPsychicDay
It is #BroadcastTrafficProfessionalsDay
Believe it or not, these moments matter! Also, at 2PM today, I'm celebrating Meg Bussert! Meg made her Broadway debut in #Irene #Brigadoon, #themusicman, #Camelot are among the Broadway classics on her resume.
You can help us celebrate today even more by LIKING this post, COMMENTING, and SHARING! It's all about engagement. Today, please commit to supporting your fellow artists by doing the same thing with their posts and HIDING the negative posts. Together, we can make this a better world. Please pay it forward...
Don't forget to Join in the Celebration on YouTube (if you haven't done so already).Go to YouTube to sign up.
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