Who/What Are You Celebrating Today?

It's Cliche Day!

Who/What are you celebrating today? 

Do you have a favorite cliche? Cliche phrases are used as much as possible today. 

It is National Housewife Day. So in honor of that, I'm sharing Carol Channing's take on Housework from Marlo Thomas' Free To Be You and Me. Click HERE to hear it. 

It is also Eat Smart Day. 

And today at 3PM, I am celebrating Deborah Grace Winer.  

Dramatist and theatre artist Deborah Grace Winer is a leading expert and author on Broadway musicals and the American Songbook. The Wall Street Journal recently named her book on pioneer woman songwriter Dorothy Fields (On the Sunny Side of the Street: The life and lyrics of Dorothy Fields, Macmillan) one of the Five Best books on American songwriters of all time. She has collaborated with leading institutions such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, and top tier artists from Broadway and the music world. And THAT'S Just for starters! Please join me as I celebrate her Body of WORTH! 
You can help us celebrate today even more by LIKING this post, COMMENTING, and SHARING! It's all about engagement. Today, please commit to supporting your fellow artists by doing the same thing with their posts and HIDING the negative posts. Together, we can make this a better world. Please pay it forward...
Don't forget to Join in the Celebration on YouTube (if you haven't done so already).Go to YouTube to sign up.

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