Who/What Are You Celebrating Today?

Abet and Aid Punsters Day

Happy Monday! Who/what are you celebrating today? I'm celebrating the New Online Hirschfeld exhibit for the 'New Season' of Theater. As a matter of fact, Creative Director David Leopold is my guest on Friday afternoon at 3PM. How many of you received The Skipper Guide this AM?


I'm celebrating Kevin Winkler who is my guest on Wednesday afternoon at 5PM


AND I'm celebrating Abet and Aid punsters day, a day to make bad puns, and to encourage others to do the same. Instead of groaning at puns, which often happens, the day is to be spent laughing at them, like you would any other joke.

In honor of that, tonight at 8PM, I'm celebrating the release of PUNCILITIS and Other Diseases…Curable of Course with Alyce Finell and Ed Kurtzman We will be LIVE on Richard Skipper Celebrates on YouTube

JOIN THE CELEBRATION today even more by LIKING this post, COMMENTING, and SHARING! It's all about engagement. Today, please commit to supporting your fellow artists by doing the same thing with their posts and HIDING the negative posts.

Together, we can make this a better world. Please pay it forward...

Don't forget to Join in the Celebration on YouTube (if you haven't done so already).Go to YouTube to sign up. Now, what can I do for YOU today?


Richard Skipper Celebrates.

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